Lungu planning to declare state of emergency just after voting closes

Lungu planning to declare state of emergency just after voting closes

From Outside source:

The office of the President , The Police And Army Officers are Shocked that The Head state is Almost concluding on the Moderate of Winning Next week`General Elections After state Wings of Government told him he is losing the elections to UPND presidential candidate by a big margin•.


He is Now asking the security wings that immediately after voting, to manage Rigging he shall Announce State of Emergency so that UPND shall have no access to the flow of Results from Polling stations•.

Immediately after Voting ends Police Army OP and other wings of government will take charge •

Once Edgar Lungu shall announce NO one After 1900 hrs shall be allowed to be outside his house all movements will not be allowed till after after Lungu shall be Sworn in•

. He has told state security “Bane ngani kwipaya payeni fye nabatupa sana ba Opposition ,mwitina iyo am the head state I shall give instructions immediately to arrest them Nga bakakana fye my state of Emergency•

We need to bounce back•Ninanda kale naba ECZ they know all this so that these fools supporting ba post newspaper naba Opposition (UPND)shall not blame ECZ,because International community will always complain any I will deal anyone guys•Abali mubuteko te Americans iyo nifwebo tukamona Nga HH aci GBM Nga in prison America or South Africa will help them ,Utumbi tuma countries shall not even say anything• so state of Emergency the Best Immediately after voting“•Alot of Civil servants including Police Army Zaf Nurses teachers and OP immediately after swearing in Shall be fired • Witch hunting will expose a lot of them and replace with these cadres who are beating and killing UPND members for job well done•. We have told you Zambians so watch this and take it so seriously if you Love Mother Zambia•

And UPND should not fear its time they should redeem us all army police Op and all civil servants opinion polls indicate that Hakainde Hichilema is favorable to be the Head of state•

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