Lungu preaches violence against UPND, says the law is against them

Lungu preaches violence against UPND, says the law is against them

PF presidential candidate Edgar Lungu yesterday preached violence against UPND members when he openly urged his thugs to go flat out and beat up UPND members because the law was against them.

Addressing a combined Lusaka, Copperbelt, Mkushi, Serenje, and Kabwe PF members in Kapiri Mposhi yesterday, Lungu, justified violence by saying umwaice balamubala no kumuma ba muma (a child is normally provoked by an adult and he still ends up being beaten).

At the rally also addressed by former president Rupiah Banda, Lungu threatened to wipe out UPND cadres and its president Hakainde Hichilema through violent means because the law was against them.

But as Lungu was ordering violence, Acting President Guy Scott called for restraint despite provocation after the PF boat was burnt by unknown people near Crossroads shopping Mall in Lusaka.

It is not clear which law Lungu, who is also still Defence and Justice Minister, was quoting that supports violence because it is against the UPND members.

It is also not clear which alcoholic concoction Lungu had taken, but shortly after he gave the directive, PF members damaged the UPND billboard along Kafue Road and disfigured others in various parts of the country.

There has lately been a spate of violence against the UPND members across the country and with PF leader giving a go ahead, the situation is likely to escalate.

Several political leaders and other stakeholders have so far called for a peaceful elections.

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