Lungu preparing to reject poll results, mobilises soldiers

Outgoing President Edgar Lungu has brought in more than 100 Commandos from Mushili on the Copperbelt and stationed them in Lusaka’s Emasdale area with instructions to shoot and eliminate what he considers as trouble makers when he refuses to handle over power after losing elections.

In the police service, Lungu has set up a special unit called ‘the IG’s crack squad’ stationed in Garden area of Lusaka also numbering more than 100 and has highly retrained to the level of military personnel with a mission to kill innocent citizens before and after elections.

Highly placed sources from both the Army Commander and Police IG have revealed that both operations were meant to be top secret missions but some of the top Generals and Senior Police officials close to the operation are opposed to the planned killing of innocent people just to preserve one man in power.

Military sources are alarmed with the large contingent of Commandos numbering more than 100 meant to deal with unarmed civilians.

“If you remember, during the past attempted military coups under Kaunda and Chiluba, only about 30 Commandos were called to quell the coups but Lungu has ordered more than 100 in one place which is unheard of. And both the Commandos and the Special Police unit are all answerable to him alone and not even the Police or military commands. While their colleagues in the military are suffering, the selected units are heavily funded and well looked after and are normally drunk and smoking dagger so that they can only see animals in fellow human beings. The mission is to cause maximum mayhem and bloodshed on those Lungu considers to be his opponents while he keeps hiding behind some churches run by his relatives”, security sources close to the operations have revealed.

The Commandos unit is led by a recently promoted Warrant Officer class 2 a Mr. E.M. Musonda and all the diagrams in their training in Emasdale area point to use of maximum force against civilians during elections.

They were being moved at night from Mushili in small groups of about 10 and the last group arrived last week on Thursday.

As for the police unit, they have even been given military guns and ammunition plus special purpose vehicles from State House. These are not answerable to any police commissioners other than the IG and Lungu himself and have been directed to shoot and kill.

The Zambian Watchdog challenges the Army Commander and Police IG to refute the existence of these special units meant to cause mayhem and bloodshed stationed in Emasdale and Garden areas of Lusaka.

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