Lungu promises Nkandu Luo vice-presidency

Lungu promises Nkandu Luo vice-presidency

As Brian Hapuna gets fired, again

As Brian Hapuna gets fired, again

Only seven cabinet minsters have signed the petition to endorse PF Secretary General Edgar Lungu as sole candidate for the PF.

And the Watchdog has been reliably informed that Lungu has offered Nkandu Luo the position of vice-president if he is elected president of Zambia.

The seven cabinet ministers who signed the petition during a consultative meeting convened by Inonge Wina at government complex are:
Home Affairs Minister, Ngosa Simbyakula, Tourism Minister Jean Kapata, Minister of Lands Mwansa Kapeya, Minister of Information Joseph Katema, Minister of Health Joseph Kasonde, Minister of Chiefs Affairs, Nkandu Luo and Emerine Kabanshi, Minister of Community Development.

A fight has erupted in PF over succession. Acting president Guy Scott wants the PF to follow its party rules and enable any eligible member to stand and compete for election as party president.

But Edgar Lungu and his mob want to block any competitors by giving the Central committee power to choose Lungu as candidate.

The meeting in the morning was attended by some members of the central committee, MPs, (MPs are not part of the NEC), and MMD plus UPND MPs who are working as deputy ministers in the PF.

These have been told that they should support Edgar Lungu as candidate to secure their jobs if he wins the elections. The MMD and UPND MPs also signed the petition even though they are not members of PF thereby bringing the number of signatories to 63.

The meeting was attended by provincial deputy ministers who also signed the petition. But provincial minister are ex-officio members of the PF central committee and therefore not entitled to vote, according to the PF constitution.

Deputy ministers that been promised cabinet positions were also made to sign. But Inonge Wina who chaired the meeting did not append her signature.

A lawyer told the Watchdog that Guy Scott is not obliged to respond to the petition, as the meeting is not part of the recognised structures of the party.


The lawyer said the PF structures are the National Conference, national Management Committee and National Executive Committee but there is no provision for consultative forums.

The lawyer who preferred that his name should be withheld said it is only the PF president who can chair any of these meetings.


Meanwhile, the Watchdog has been informed that Lungu is promising ministers positions in exchange for support and endorsements.

So far he has promised Nkandu Luo and another minister whose name we shall withhold for now the vice-presidency.

A lot of deputy ministers’ have been promised full cabinet portfolios.

On the other hand, the Watchdog has been informed that most of the people surrounding Lungu are the ones who opposed the recognition of Chitmumukulu of the Bemba people.

Sources in the Bemba Chiefdom say that making Nkandu Luo vice-president or will actually be attacking the Chitimukulu direct.

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