Lungu protects Sunday Nkonde

Lungu protects Sunday Nkonde

Some few days ago, we wrote about how the Liquidation of the Post Newspapers will backfire. We wrote about how Judge Sunday Nkonde with Lewis Mosho have been breaking the law with impunity.
We told you of how Richard Sakala of the Daily Nation will be used to hide the truth. We gave an example of Mutembo Nchito. Today our source had this to say.

” I hope you have seen that article in the Daily Nation that says the state has entered into a Consent judgement with Sunday Nkonde. This means that Sunday Nkonde can not be suspended.

Here are the consequences:

1. The Judicial Complaints Commission has been rendered useless.

2. A precedence has been set where no judge can be suspended as long as he or she is in good books with the government of the day.

All this is being done by Lewis Mosho under the watchful eye of Edgar Lungu who is a lawyer himself,” the source lamented.

The source further wondered why young lawyers like Makebi Zulu can involve themselves in dirty assignments.

” I do not know why these young lawyers of today like money too much. The lawyers at Makebi Zulu and Advocates are very well aware that they are setting a very bad precedence but went ahead to consent to such rubbish. Where is the Chief Justice. Has she lost control of the Judiciary? the source asked. See attached caption of a story by Daily Nation.

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