Lungu refuses to sign social contract to enact constitution, faces de-campaigns

The Grand Coalition for a people driven Constitution says Zambians should not trust political party candidates that have refused to sign the social contract to commit themselves to giving the Zambian people a people driven constitution.
And the Patriotic Front candidate in the January 20 polls Edgar Lungu has refused to sign the social contract.

Lungu has told the Coalition that they must just trust his verbal commitment.
Sources in the coalition comprising which church mother bodies, trade unions, students unions, opposition and the Lawa Association of Zambia (LAZ) said the move by the ruling party is an indication that they are not committed to facilitating the enactment of a new constitution if re-elected on the 20th of January.
The Coalition has therefore resolved to launch a campaign dubbed ‘No constitution, No vote’ against all candidates who have refused to sign the social contract.
While the PF wants to be trusted that they will enact a new constitution if re-elected, they have failed to do so in the last three years they have been in power. They arrogantly dismissed calls for a new constitution saying the country already had a constitution and that advocates of a new constitution were just ‘yapping’.

The Grand Coalition has been trying to get presidential candidates to commit themselves that they will enact a new constitution once elected.

So far only Edgar Lungu has refused.

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