Lungu refuses to step aside

Forged president Edgar Lungu has refused to step aside in the face of a petition challenging his purported election as president.

According to the Law, Lungu should have stepped aside this afternoon immediately the petition was filed in the constitutional court.

But instead, Lungu’ spokesperson Amos Chanda has issued a statement that Lungu will be sworn in on Tuesday.
‘Incumbent¬†¬†President His Excellency Mr Edgar Chagwa Lungu of the Republic of Zambia, who is also President-elect will abide by provisions of the Constitution with regards to his inauguration following his declaration as winner of the August 11 general election,’ Chanda said.

The refusal by Lungu to step aside shows that he will refuse to accept the judgment of the court unless it favours him.

Chanda said this in the same statement he was struggling to refute the statement issued earlier to the effect that acting president Patrick Matibini would address the nation this evening .

The argument that Lungu will abide by the law is not new. When parliament was dissolved, many stakeholders including LAZ advised him that ministers could not continue in office.

But Lungu argued that the law was on his side. Listen to his chibwibwi in this video on how he tried to explain his understanding of the law. The constitutional court ruled that ministers were in office illegally.

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