Lungu rejects robust campaign program

Lungu rejects robust campaign program


Outgoing President Edgar Lungu has rejected a robust campaign programme proposed to him by his campaign team that would have seen him address several rallies in a day in various parts of the country.

Insiders revealed that Lungu has now decided to take a short retreat in Shibuyunji villages, Mumbwa area, with his wife for an unknown mission, though parallel information indicate that he may sneak out of the country for medical checkups through the Zambia Air Force (ZAF) Mumbwa base.

But while in Shibuyunji, he may try and disguise by addressing some villagers before attending to his health condition, either within that area or sneak out of the country.

sources within the PF and government revealed that Lungu has been told by his medical stuff to slow down on work, especially campaigns, due to bad blood pressure that leads to his heart pump abnormally.

He will visit Chief Shakumbila and later Nangoma Secondary School which is situated in Kasalu in Mumbwa District.

Chief Shakumbila was yesterday quoted by the Post as saying he was shocked by the salary hikes for the chiefs at this time of the year when the economy was bad. Lungu might be meeting the chief to either intimidate him or try to bribe him.

According to state house stuff, Lungu was supposed to travel by road but with his condition, it has been decided that he can’t survive being driven through those neglected roads around Shakumbila, Keezwa, Choombwa and Kakoombo.

Yesterday during swearing of some judges Lungu claimed he needed to be in State House as work has piled up when he was travelling around the world and the country.

“I have been moving around too much in the last two months. Remember I had to go for some diplomatic assignments in various countries amidst local trips to other provinces, so work was pilling up in the office”, said President Edgar Lungu

“I want to clear my desk so that I can resume my campaigns around the country in a few days. Today I just swore-in appeal judges and I might do more of that sort just to clear my dairy”, revealed Lungu.

“Don’t listen to some media houses who just want to tarnish my name for their selfish interests. God knows about my health and I thank him for looking after me through and through while my enemies wish me ill”, said Lungu.

But no one is wishing Lungu ill because it’s a well known fact that he went into that office with poor health and that he admitted himself in one of the ZNBC interviews with Gavazio Zulu when he said he was diabetic. That’s the same interview he admitted he was not interested in the presidency because it was a very stressful job that could not match his poor health.

Soon after being sworn in Lungu collapsed in front of women at Heroes Stadium and was immediately evacuated to South Africa for medication.

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