Lungu repeats his readiness for violence

Lungu repeats his readiness for violence

Pray that I drop dead,  Edgar Lungu has told Zambians who do not recognise his presidency.

And  Lungu has mockingly begged Southern Province chiefs to put aside whatever differences they have with him and work with his government.

Speaking on arrival at Livingstone’s Harry Mwaanga Nkumbula International Airport this morning, Lungu said he was thick-skinned and insults or bad language would not move him.

If you try to harm me physically, you will be harmed before you harm me. So just sit in your cabin and pray that I drop dead, insult me if you want but please don’t try to harm me because you will be harmed first,’ Lungu said.

He claimed that he was Head of State not by choice but by the will of the Zambian people, guided by the country’s laws.

Lungu said a lot of time had been wasted on politicking than work.

“Just accept that I am in charge. I am here to deliver on behalf of the Zambian people. That is my job until 2021. If you don’t accept me, who is going to penga (suffer)?” he asked.

“Including traditional leaders, please ndakomba (I beg you), let us work together. The interest of the Zambian people should be primary, let’s put differences aside and work together.”

Lungu hoped that some chiefs who had been critical of his leadership, together with Livingstone and Dundumwezi UPND members of parliament, would meet him for them to discuss how they could work with him.

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