Lungu resorts to Hitler tactics


What is happening in Zambia is reminiscent of Nazi Germany. Hitler managed to turn a Generation of Kids Into Nazis using the education system. Books were rewritten, the press inimical to his government was censored.

Today the PF government want to create a generation of uncritical children who will subscribe to their views naively and they want to accomplish this by controlling their minds using their branded books.

This is unheard-of in the history of our beautiful country. Ironically, these books are only being distributed in areas where they enjoy maximum support. If at all their generosity is genuine why limit the distribution of these Pf branded books to their so called strongholds. I can imagine the public backlash if these books were distributed by the opposition. This is indeed regrettable.

Politicians are polarizing our great nation. Not even under Kaunda’s despotic rule did such unscrupulous political behavior exist.The nonsense of politics should not be taken into schools. Such levels of desperation and excitement should not be welcomed at all.

Munsaka Lutenta’s opinion


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    samlindo 4 weeks

    It is very easy for the opposition to mobilise branded books from outside in fact better quality branded books and donor’s will only be too happy to help in order to counter this divisive idea

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    Musonda 4 weeks

    Had it been HH giving out these books…you could ve heard from Bakoswe no plan…kikikiki

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    Musonda 4 weeks

    Had it been HH gining out these…you could ve heard from Bakoswe no plan…kikikiki.