Lungu rewards paedophile Bishop Chomba as PS in energy

President Edgar Lungu this morning appointed and swore-in a semi lunatic Bishop Eduard Chomba as Permanent Secretary for his newly created but sensitive and troubled Ministry of Energy and Water Development to join Dora Siliya who is already a minister there.

The so called Bishop Chomba has no credentials for that ministry whatsoever except to reward him for having linked opposition UPND President Hakainde Hichilema who is also Lungu’s main rival to belonging to the underworld.

Actually Bishop Chomba is a wanted criminal in the US for alleged paedophile activities and it is not clear how he would ever travel to that country for business activities under his ministry.

Lungu has increased the number of ministries at a time other presidents around are cutting down as cost serving measures but he has appointed people of questionable characters in the new ministries.

Dora Siliya herself is just a journalist but with close links to Rupiah Banda.

The ministry of Energy is the most troubled in the country with crippling power cuts under ZESCO, perhaps Lungu now wants more prayers in the ministry to solve the problems than technocrats.

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