Lungu, Rupiah PF sidelines genuine PF founder in Lubansenshi adoption

CHARLES Chimumbwa says the PF has been encroached by “monkeys” who have jumped on a well-nurtured tree, are eating the ripe fruit and dropping the residue on founder members’ heads. Meanwhile, five candidates yesterday successfully filed nominations at the Luwingu civic centre ahead of the September 24 Lubansenshi parliamentary by-elections. Addressing journalists after he filed as independent candidate, Chimumbwa said although he was left out in the PF’s adoption process, he was a committed party member and would never do anything that could undermine it.

During the adoption process, Chimumbwa, a former PF secretary general, commanded the race in the primaries, coming out first at constituency, district and provincial levels but the PF central committee opted to adopt George Mwamba.

“I have been PF through and through. Let me just give you a brief history of this whole thing; when we started the party with ba Sata, so many of these people called ministers today, were on the other side of the fence and they were calling me and ba Sata mad human beings,” recalled Chimumbwa, who is now contesting as an independent candidate. “Ba Sata sowed a seed and it germinated, it grew and we nurtured it. Now that that tree has taken a national character, these monkeys have come, jumped on the tree, they are eating the ripe fruit and dropping the residue on our heads and breaking the branches. They have forgotten that there are people that planted that tree and helped it grow to what it is today.

I am a PF member and let them do whatever they want to do but I am still a PF member. I can never do anything to see that the PF goes under but these are the same people because of hatred, they want to make sure that I’m thrown outside. They know what I have done because I have been mobilising the party in this constituency for more than two and half years. I’m confident that I’m certainly going to win this by-election.”

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