Lungu, Rupiah preach tribalism in Chipata

After addressing a very small crowd in Katete and another small crowd in Chadiza, Rupiah Banda and Edgar Lungu had nothing to tell the a bigger crowd in Chipata but spent most of the time promoting tribalism. Rupiah spent his slot telling the people in that cosmopolitan town about Hakainnde Hichilema’s tribe.
PF candidate Lungu took over the tribalism hate speech from his god father by saying despite he not being Bemba, Bembas allowed him to lead PF.
And all the MMD MPs’ in Estern province stayed away from the Rupiah and Lungu rally. They were in the filed campaigning for HH.
Instead, the rally was attended by Lupando Mwape, Muhabi Lungu, Frank Bwalya, former Matero Member of Parliament Faustina Sinyangwe, Education Minister John Phiri, and Eastern Province Minister Malozo Sichone.
Rupiah, whose wife is hospitalised in South Africa told the people of Eastern Province not to vote for a person who has never even won a ward election. He was referring to HH. But some people in the crowds were heard murmuring that the old man is an idiot.
Rupiah said he did not endorse Lungu just because he is from Eastern Province but because of his vision for the country. Lungu himself is on record saying he has no vision.
Rupiah maintained his tribal thinking saying the opposition will be shocked to find that Lungu will get more votes from Eastern Province in January 20th presidential election.
He added that he would be there to direct Lungu if he starts going in the wrong direction until he delivers according to his promises. We wonder who will be the president or what genuine PF members make of this. Sata must be moving in his grave.

Speaking at the same rally, Lungu said the opposition UPND is a tribal party, as it only wants a Tonga person to take over the leadership of the party. He was probably drunk again as usual. There are no elections in UPND.
He said the ruling PF is a party that does not choose its leaders on tribal lines giving himself as example having taken over the mantle of the leadership mantle despite not being a Bemba. In essence he was telling the people that PF is a Bemba party. Why can’t Lungu and Rupiah just campaign on real issues. What are they going to tell voters in other provinces if they clearly hate other tribes like this? Will other tribes be included in Lungu’s government given this hatred from Lungu and his godfather Rupiah?

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