Lungu’ s heart said to be pumping too fast

Lungu’ s heart said to be pumping too fast

President Edgar Lungu has a problem of Heart Palpitation and Doctors have advised him to rest.
Intelligence sources have disclosed to the Zambian Watchdog that Edgar Lungu’s heart is pumping too fast.
Sources say doctors suspect High blood pressure or stress as the cause of Lungu’s condition. ” He is not too well. We are told he has heart palpitations which from people within the medical circles say it is a rapid, strong or irregular heart beat,” the source said.

Another source said “This can be due to agitation, exhaustion or some form of illness”.

It is believed that Lungu’ s heart condition worsened the day he addressed a rally at Mwanawasa stadium which som people say the PF failed to fill.

Lungu has suspended campaigns but has sent his running mate Inonge Wina and his Wife Esther out to campaign.

The last time Lungu was ‘shown’ in public was last week when he was put in front of ZNBC cameras to prove that he was not sick. He has not been seen since.

Other sources say that the day Lungu was shown on ZNBC, he had actually returned from abroad for emergency medication and went straight to ZNBC.

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