Lungu says can’t lose because he controls soldiers

Lungu says can’t lose because he controls soldiers

Outgoing President Edgar Lungu has told a PF closed door meeting in Solwezi that he can’t lose the forthcoming oming elections as he has powers to use the Zambia Police, Zambia Army, Zambia Airforce, Zambia National Service and Office of the President.

And Lungu disclosed that he has not seen any reason to discard Vice-president Inonge Wina from the running mate position adding that most of the men had let him down with their over ambitions.

Insiders who attended the meeting disclosed that Lungu was very categorical on not giving up power even if it meant war.

“I am the Commander in chief of armed forces and I have all the security to myself and the money how do you expect me to lose”, Lungu told senior party officials.

On Inonge Wina as the running mate, Lungu said that he had heard a lot of murmurs from within the PF against Wina being the running mate but he sees no reason why he should discard her.

“Inonge Wina has not told me that she is tired as far as am concerned she will be my running mate not until she says it to me that she can no longer manage then I will find other woman to take over,” Lungu said.

The Watchdog will soon reveal how outgoing Lungu hopes to stay in power against all odds.

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