Lungu says corruption will continue even in next govt

Lungu says corruption will continue even in next govt

Africa’s most corrupt ruler Edgar Lungu says even if the UPND or any other party formed government , corruption will continue.

Lungu was Speaking at Intercontinental Hotel during the commemoration of the International Anti-Corruption Day.

And Lungu says he won’t fire any of his ministers or state house officials because as far as he is concerned, all revelations of corruption are mere allegations.

“I want it to be known that an allegation against corruption against a minister will not entail that he has to be dropped,’ Lungu said.

And Lungu says the auditor general’s report is a useless piece of history.

“What we see in the Auditor General’s report is always historical, it is water under the bridge and sometimes you find that a person has been picked, he stole money and using the same money, he will hire the best lawyers,’ Lungu said.

He continued to defend corruption by saying:
‘Even if you change PF today, PF government goes and you bring in UPND or whichever government you may wish to bring in, with the current set up, the abuse of office will continue, the corruption will continue because the mechanisms are not adequate, they are not even there. Auditor General’s report is always historical. PAC talked about things which happened three, four years ago.
So let us have effective measures in place, let us have procedures which will nab the culprits before the plunder.”

So who is he telling to change the current set up?

We doubt Lungu is in order to speak on behalf of the UPND that they will also condone and promote corruption by taking advantage of the current inadequacies. What we think is that a serious government with a normal president will act swiftly to close all the loopholes that facilitate corruption instead of casting aspersions on the Auditor General ‘s report and complaining about things that are under his control. It is Lungu and his minions who can put adequate controls in government to forestall corruption. So we wonder why Lungu is complaining about weak systems. Does he expect the opposition to improve the systems in government? We are sure when Lungu made that statement he thought he was very intelligent but has once more exposed his folly.

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