Lungu says found it inappropriate to include Scott in his cabinet

‘I don’t drink with Guy Scott and I found it inappropriate to include him in my cabinet’, president Edgar Lungu said during an interview on South Africa Broadcasting Corporation.

Meanwhile, parallel information received indicate that Lungu’s main mission in South Africa was to seek support to sort out Fred M’membe, the owner of the Post Newspaper and DPP Mutembo Nchito.

Lungu is said to have met Directors of the South African Development Bank of Southern Africa (DBSA) which owns shares in the Development Bank of Zambia (DBZ) over the  Mutembo  Nchito /Fred Mmembe”s debt  of K13 billion.

He is said to have discussed the way forward on how best they could tackle the issue. Lungu is said to have met DBSA Governor Trevor Manuel, Iraj Abedian Chairman of Credit Committees Board and Frans Baleni, the Director.

Later on SABC, Lungu said that he would win the 2016 presidential elections.

He repeated his statement that people within PF who do not approve of his appointing opposition MPs should leave the PF.

He said “purging” political enemies is “normal” if they are “stumbling blocks or you can’t trust” them.

Touching on whether he’s still friends with Guy Scott, Lungu said: “I don’t drink with him … a friend is someone you can drink with. We were just acquaintances.”

Lungu also maintained that if mining companies operating in Zambia decide to leave due to PF policies, he would tell them bye- bye.

Asked how Zambia can compete with South Africa economically, Lungu said:

“It’s common knowledge that South Africa is a big country. It’s a powerful one for that matter in the region and is a member of SADC and its role cannot be questioned both in the socio-political and economic landscape for the African continent. So any knowledgeable leader would want to from time to time get to know what South Africa thinks about certain issues.”

And on why he won the election so narrowly he says, “I was naïve.”

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