Lungu says he is ready for violence

Lungu says he is ready for violence

This is what Edgar Lungu said at Ndola airport:

….Police should be on standby, I am ready for violence

Ndola Airport, June 2

•PS no need to have anybody else welcome me here on the Copperbelt, I know i am welcome.

•At exactly 18:00hrs, I want to meet you the Provincial Chairperson, the Provincial minister, all PF provincial committee members, all ministers living on the Copperbelt, all elected members of Parliament, all Mayors, all DCs.

•You bwana Chair, how long will it take you to organise a venue for my meeting? How long? You tell me the venue and we meet in 2 hours exactly!

•Copperbelt has become a source of confusion here on the Copperbelt, I need you to face me and tell me exactly what the problem is! Police be on standby incase it gets violent. I am ready myself.

•I want you to come and tell me why you are bickering like small boys and girls.

•Some of you think that you are bigger than the party. Others think they are THE owners of the party. Who are you to own the party? The PF belong to all the members, to the Zambians and whether one has been a member for years or has just joined, they can be considered on MERIT. There is no one individual that should claim to own the Patriotic Front.

•Some of you were elected because of the party. Others appointed because of the same and in the same way you were appointed, you can be disappointed in the same way.

True to his words, while he was saying this, his men were wounding and hacking mourners. What an inspiring ruler!

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