Lungu says HH will never be president

Lungu says HH will never be president

By Amos Chanda (Smart Eagles)

Even if I leave, you will never be President of Zambia,” President Edgar Chagwa Lungu has told UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema, according to Smart Eagles, a Facebook page run by Amos Chanda.

Even if I leave those will never succeed me, that is the truth because God will lead us to another decent, well meaning loving Zambian leader.”

Anyone else but not him, continue praying hard please, 2021, let us maintain peace let us also be on the lookout for those sabotaging government efforts.”

He emphasized that Zambia is a nation steered by God and thus he would never let those with ill intentions take over.

Lungu said some individuals have openly declared to set the country on fire for them to get to power.

In reference to UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema, Lungu said he found it perplexing that they are bent on sabotaging government in order to show chaos and be a better option.

“Some people have vowed that even by fire they will be President in 2021. They have vowed that they will want to bring this country on fire by 2021,” President Lungu said.

“Do not give them space, do not give them a chance. There vows are purely evil they have nothing to lose.”

President Lungu said he was elated that Zambians are already aware of their schemes.

“All the schemes intended to bring chaos will not be allowed. If it means using a bit of force police will look into that… Zambians have seen who they are, they are evil schemers, they do not mean anything good for us,” he said.

Even when we say we don’t want to fight or a war they are bent on fighting. And for them they want to plunge Zambia in chaos and then they say when they are in power they will show how much a better leader they are.

Lungu then said ‘No person talks like that, it is not right.’

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