Lungu says Konkola Copper Mines should go

Lungu says Konkola Copper Mines should go

President Edgar Lungu says Konkola Copper Mines should close and go.

Speaking upon arrival on the Copperbelt at Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe Airport, President Lungu said his sole purpose to the Copperbelt was to address the cry of the people in the region who wish to divorce parties with the two mining Conglomerates, Konkola Copper Mines and Mopani Copper Mines.

“I came for one reason, the people of Copperbelt want a divorce between themselves and the Copper Mining companies, KCM and Mopani…. I have heard that the people here want a divorce with these two companies so, I decided to come here myself and listen to the people, the unions, the workers… I saw people crying on what is happening through KCM, mothers crying so I said if it is the will of the Zambian people that we divorce with these mines then we will do so.”

“I want to consult my chamber of mines I will be meeting them, the various mine workers union to find out what they think. My position is that enough is enough Zambians have been taken for a ride for too long,” a fearless President Lungu spoke before stating that that he was not scared.

“We have had promises and promises and we cannot continue, there is a law in this country and it must be followed. The Attorney General is here, the lawyers are here they will guide us on how we can proceed with this divorce.

“I want to say this emphatically, our opposition those who do not see the positive we do, will be saying we are scaring investors but, I want to state that we are not scaring any investor, our investor climate is still very conducive, those who want to come in they can come in and invest… People are willing to come and invest in our mines,” he said.

“We will follow the due process of the law those who can’t stay with us unless they exploit us, we will say let them go. There is an engagement and there is disengagement even in marriage when things fail what happens? Yes they brought in money and they have taken out money, we will engage lawyers to tell us how to divorce…And I am here to tell you do not worry you will get married very soon.”

“We are tired of the loss story, from that time ati iyo tulepanga loss but they are still here…I am not chasing them what I am saying is those who want to work with us should follow our rules, we will not be arm twisted. We say we have introduced sales tax they begin to arm twist us by saying balatafya ama workers (They will retrench workers),” he said.

“Let me conclude by saying sales tax is here to stay, Zambia is a sovereign state and when we decide to make laws we will not be black mailed by the investor, those who cannot stay in our house they can walk out,” he said.

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