Lungu says ministers must repay illegal fees

Lungu says ministers must repay illegal  fees

President Edgar Lungu says ministers who received illegal salaries when parliament was dissolved in 2016 must pay back to the treasury.


The Lawyer President

We have a President who is a lawyer.

The Lawyer President told his Ministers that they could stay in office, after Parliament was dissolved, because that was his reading of the Constitution. Now, the said Ministers are having to pay back money, illegally earned, because the lawyer President was wrong.

The same Lawyer President has repeatedly insisted that firing Ministers accused of grand corruption, while they appear in court, would encroach on judicial powers.

He suggests that the separation of powers, and doctrine of innocence, until guilt is proven, envisages that a Minister being investigated for corrupt use of office, will stay in that office.

They will, while appearing in court, retain access to all powers, privileges, documents and even supervision of juniors who could be witnesses.

According to the Lawyer President, it is in the interest of the country that Ministers will arrive at court in a Government vehicle with flag and driver, and this will, somehow, have no impact on the outcome of the case.

The result of all that is, of course, that the Auditor General’s report shows that stealing public money has become a competitive sport in this lawyer’s government.

Now, the lawyer President says he has not been elected twice to the office of President????


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