Lungu says running mate will be woman

Out going President Edgar Lungu this morning declared that his running mate in the August 11, 2016 general elections will be a woman, crashing the hopes of chancers like Nevers Mumba and all PF male aspirants.

But of course, you don’t trust anything Lungu says as he is fond of reversing a lot of his pronouncements.

Speaking when he addressed a PF media breakfast at Pamodzi Hotel Lungu said as long as you are a male you must forget about being my running mate because I am already here.

Clearly this puts the likes of Harry Kalaba, Chishimba Kambwili, Ngosa Simbyakula and others in an awkward position after they have all been positioning themselves for the same position.

Opposition figures such as MMD’s Felix Mutati, and Nevers Mumba were all hoping Lungu can consider them but it now looks like he may settle for none performing Inonge Wina.

And Lungu says the requirement for politicians to have a Grade 12 Certificate to stand as Councillors or MPs won’t be changed if he is President.

Meanwhile Lungu refuted media speculation that he is having an affair with PF Deputy Secretary General Mumbi Phiri and encouraged her not to be distracted.

Mumbi has so far overshadowed even Davies Mwila in her position as deputy Secretary General.

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A Zambian and his two South African colleagues have been arrested in Angola after they were found in possession of ivory, gold and diamond.

An eye witness named the Zambian as Sabin Mulenga, a Ndola resident and his South Africans partners as Mangaliso and Newton Tselo.

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Antonio Kababu

Antonio Kababu I was born in Angola and grew up in Zambia where I even went to school and got citizenship, even work in Zambia but I always come here to visit relatives. Their constitution is totally different from ours but I’m not sure what will happen to them. Their law is death sentence if you are caught stealing and it shouldn’t take more than a week from the time you are caught. Now I dont know since they are foreigners…

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Muyezhi Kanyungulu

Muyezhi Kanyungulu I pray for de blood of Jesus to cover them and protect them cos Angolans ar not like Zambians,Angolans believes in no mercy.I’m scared lets just pray for fast actions to be done by our embasy in Angola all else?

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President Edgar Lungu has appealed to the Israeli crooks running Timor Group of Companies to help him win the forth coming elections saying he is not ready to concede defeat even if Hakainde Hichilema wins.

Lungu said this early this month (February 2016) when he secretly met 10 directors of the Timor Group of companies at State House.

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Mwansa Stephen

Mwansa Stephen Zambia is doomed but GOD is always there he rescued shadrach misheck and abedenigo there is no way he will let innocent zambians down.

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Francis Chanda

Francis Chanda hmmmm who told you ba watchdog you guys are always liers and you dont love zambia in the way you report..may God have merce on you..lets wait for august..but my vote openly wil go EL..and the PF.

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Johns Silencer

Johns Silencer Chanda my advice to you is that if you are one of the monkeys in the maize field, please eat the stolen maize quietly. August 11 is just around the corner when all Zambians will unite and chase all you monkeys from their maize field called Zambia.

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The PF regime says it will not reduce the cost of fuel despite the massive reduction of oil from the producers.

Energy Minister Dora Siliya says her PF regime led by a visionless but violent president can not reduce the price of oil because the Zambian Kwacha is uncertain and unpredictable.

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Mundia Pumulo

Mundia Pumulo the reduction of fuel is critical at the moment if the cost of doing business is to come down n if the cost of living is to be cushioned or made affordable to the majority poor zambians. things r hard. its gud pf now realises that they have destroyed our dear kwacha n that people will have to be subjected high cost of living n high cost of doing business in zambia

Norman Chipakupaku

Norman Chipakupaku They can’t reduce the fuel prices because they need the cash for their elections. They have offered the contracts to their companies hence there is no way they can let go the commissions.

Zambians should brace for hard six months ahead!!

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