Lungu says will deal with teachers and police officers-tells them to join UPND

Outgoing President Edgar Lungu has claimed that he has all the names for teachers and police officers who are sympathising with the UPND in Chingola.
Speaking when he addressed a rally at Kabundi high school in Chingola on Tuesday afternoon, the visibly annoyed Lungu ‘warned’ that teachers and police officers who believe that there will be a change of government after the elections next week will be dealt with for taking a ‘partisan’ stance.
Lungu said teachers and police officers in Chingola supporting the opposition should resign and join the UPND and claimed that his government has all the details and particulars of individual teachers and police officers sympathizing with the opposition.
‘We know you by name and service number but have been pretending not to know you,’ the tense looking President Lungu claimed.
But Lungu’s Police Inspector-General and cadre Kakoma Kanganja recently told a press briefing that he did not know the officers protesting against the PF and sympathising with the UPND.
Lungu further hallucinated that he was enjoying support from all parts of the country.

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