Lungu says will only meet opposition leaders who recognise him

Edgar  Lungu says his doors remain open for dialogue but only to people who recognise that he is President as has been declared by the Electoral Commission of Zambia and the Courts of law.

The courts of law never declared Lungu as president of Zambia. Instead, the constitutional Court refused to hear the evidence of vote rigging which the opposition possses. The court made contradictory rulings but at the end did not declare any one as the winner. The presidential petition is pending.

The head of PF was speaking at City Airport before his departure to Mongu to attend the Kuomboka ceremony:

“What is it I am going to discuss with them if they say I am not President….. I have no difficulties with the opposition but they should bring issues which are objective and national in character,” he said.

Rigging elections is national character but certainly not objective.

“If they are crying foul that they are robbed of the victory, it’s was not for me to decide. ECZ announced the winner and the courts of law made a ruling. I am only willing to meet anybody but there should be on a national agenda.”

In that case he will meet Cosmo Mumba, Dan Pule, and that lunatic Sakala and others. By the way the real opposition has not requested to meet Lungu.

Half the county does not recognise Lungu as president and the UPND has vowed only to recognise the person who will be declared winner by the constitutional court. But even that will depend on how the court conducts the trial.

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