Lungu secretly bids farewell to SADC leaders, says not sure of winning next elctions

Lungu secretly bids farewell to SADC leaders, says not sure of winning next elctions

Edgar-Lungu-WeepsPresident Edgar Lungu secretly bade farewell to some SADC Heads of State in Botswana by telling them that he might never meet them again at such a high level meeting.

And Lungu has continued to express frustrations with some of late president Micheal Sata’s ministers and senior government officials who he accuses of undermining him and working with the opposition.

Sources who attended the just ended Southern African Development Community summit revealed that as Lungu was mingling with some fellow SADC leaders, he shockingly told them that he may never attend the summit again as he was facing a tricky election that may see him out before the next summit next year.

“One president asked Lungu, Mr. President why are you saying goodbye you may never see me at this summit. Lungu replied Mr. President I’m facing a very trick election next year with a very uncertain outcome because my predecessor (late Micheal Sata) and his people messed up things and so on and so forth and there is nothing I can do now.  And they (Sata’s people) are the majority in my government and I can only deal with them if I pull through next year”, a source revealed.

And Lungu expressed his frustration following the outcome of the Bululu Ward bye-election in Kasama Central in Northern Province that was won by the opposition UPND and the other one that was won by opposition Rainbow in Isoka recently.

Apparently some cabinet ministers and government officials had camped in these areas to make sure the PF won these bye elections as proof that the party was still strong in its perceived stronghold.


“These government officials kept on assuring Lungu that UPND vice president Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba (GBM) was not a factor at all in the Northern region including Kasama Central. But he was very shocked with the outcome after opposition parties won the elections. He personally phoned some ministers and expressed his anger and frustration after the outcome which was contrary to what they were telling him,” another source said.


Lungu kept on complaining that most of late Sata’s people had no respect for him as president and were greatly undermining.


Sources say that was one reason Lungu ended up appointing opposition Sinazongwe UPND MP Richwell Siamunene as Defence Minister, a powerful position that saw Lungu himself gain advantage over other contenders to the Republican presidency.


Lungu now has linked a number of his serving senior ministers and government officials of working for the opposition in undermining his government and giving him wrong advice or they don’t tell him anything at all.

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