Lungu sells govt vehicles to his illegal minisiters at give away prices

Lungu sells govt vehicles to his illegal minisiters at give away prices

There has been a Government Vehicle Bonanza in the PF government as outgoing President Edgar Lungu has ordered the sale of government vehicles at give away prices.

Sources from both Cabinet Office and Ministry of Works and Supply have confirmed to the Zambian Watchdog that President Lungu has authorized the ‘sale’ of Ministers and Deputy Ministers’ vehicles to holders for almost nothing.

Sources revealed that the most expensive vehicle is a 2016 Toyota Landcruiser VX that the government bought at K1.8 million in January this year that has been sold to Livestock Minister Greyford Monde at K200,000.

cruser“The President authorized last month. We have since offered all the vehicles to the holders. The most expensive is a VX for Honorable Monde since it was the latest acquired in January at K1.8 million. He has bought it at K200,000 only five months later. Even if you had to calculate depreciation sure is this how things are done? Levy Mwanawasa could never have allowed this as a President,” one source said.


The source said Toyota Prados for Deputy Ministers have been sold for as low as K50,000. “We are done with Ministers and Deputy Ministers. Next week we may get authority to sell those being held by senior civil servants including Permanent Secretaries, Directors and Deputy Directors. It is a campaign gimmick but it is very wasteful,” the source said.

The source further disclosed that Special Assistants to the President at State House have also been sold the vehicles. The sources say the exercise is being handles by Works and Supply Permanent Secretary Charles Sipanje who has also been tasked to raise funds for PF campaigns from Contractors. ” The exercise is spearheaded by Works PS Charles Sipanje who is a known PF cadre as you may be aware he is also tasked to raise funds for PF campaigns through contractors as most major contracts fall under his Ministry. So these Chinese are taking money to Sipanje then Sipanje to State House,” the source said.


The PF ministers decided to remain in office against the law when parliament was dissolved. For a person to be a minister, that person must be an MP. The mandate for all MPs ended when parliament was dissolved but Lungu decided to ignore the law and let his ministers continue getting salaries illegally. Now that have gone a step further by auctioning government vehicles to themselves.

Lawyer and former minister of Justice Wynter Kabimba has already stated that all ‘ministers ‘receiving salaries after dissolution of parliament will be prosecuted for theft and made to return the proceeds of crime.

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