Lungu sells Long Acres Lodge too

Lungu sells Long Acres Lodge too

State House based chigabenga Edgar Lungu is in the process of selling government owned Long Acres Lodge to some Chinese.

The idea to auction LongAcres lodge was started by the grandmaster of corruption Rupiah Banda but he had wanted to sell it to his Turkish partners. These are the same people who wanted to re-do the Kenneth Kaunda International Airport. The sister company to this Turkish group is the company that constructed the building which Infrastructure Minister Ronald Chitotela bought at US 8 million opposite ZICTA head offices in Lusaka.

The Turkish also wanted Longacres Market because they wanted to use it as a Curio Shop for its customers.

When Michael Sata became President, he cancelled this sale including the sale of Zamtel where Zambia is now paying Million of Dollars to a non existence company while other countries are holding Lapgreen money in trust until a credible government is installed in Libya.

Sata also refused because the Turkish wanted to run the lodge for 70 years with no guarantee of taking up Zambian workers.

When Sata died, this idea was resuscitated but now under the Chinese as buyers.

What Zambians do not know is that we are selling our national security.

Most of these Chinese companies are parastatals in China which we are selling here in Zambia. For example, Avic is a company owned by the Chinese Millitary. These Chinese even want to run our airports. There are even moves to run both the KK Airport and Ndola Airport once the same Chinese companies finish construction works.

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