Lungu sets ACC on Chishimba for exposing Malawian maize scandal

Lungu sets ACC on Chishimba for exposing Malawian maize scandal


The Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) has summoned the President of United Progressive People (UPP) Saviour Chishimba (undersigned) for what they termed as a discussion over the National Youth Development Council (NYDC) today Monday 20 February 2017 at 10:00 hours.

The main reason for the summoning however is that Chishimba has exposed Edgar Lungu and his minister of agriculture Dora Siliya over the Malawian maize scandal.

Chishimba is in the process of petitioning the Chief Justice to set up a tribunal to probe Siliya.

The Malawian parliamentary committee found that Siliya floured the Zambian law.

Ahead of the intimidation by the ACC, Chishimba issued this statement:

We note, with great concern, that ACC, though professional, is being used as a force for wicked machinations by the MMD-run PF Government.

The ACC suspended it’s Director General (DG) immediately UPP brought up the K345 million maizegate saga.

Strangely, the suspension of the ACC director was done within days after UPP received a letter from her office that investigations would commence on the basis of the overwhelming evidence that we submitted.

The people of Zambia will recall that another Director General of the ACC was vilified and victimised by the Edgar Chagwa Lungu – led PF regime when she sanctioned the investigation of Mr. Kaizer Zulu the political advisor to the President at State House. Therefore, this is the second time that the ACC leadership is being abused by the MMD run PF Government in two years.

Further, after the suspension of it’s director, the ACC suddenly announced that it was investigating the UPP President for “the alleged abuse of authority of office involving K153, 143.13, but #AUTHORISED…” This was three (3) years ago when the the UPP President chaired the board of NYDC.

In a nation where there is sanity and a properly functional justice system, the ACC cannot even attempt to be malicious for the following reasons:

1. In their own words, they have confirmed that it was authorised, but the ACC has not told the public who gave authority. It means that someone else with authority was in charge and in all fairness that is the person the ACC must question if at all there were any irregularities.

The accounts of NYDC were under the direct authority of the Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Youth and Sport and all the signatories were at the ministry. The chairman of the board merely receives instructions from Cabinet on where to go and all these are duly authorised in writing.

What is termed as double allowances is also ridiculous and utter nonsense because in government each allowance has a purpose, for instance, DSA is not personal income – it’s for accommodation and meals, Fuel allowance is for fuel, etc.

It is therefore totally misleading to give an impression to the public that such an amount was pocketed when in fact not.

There were a lot of sacrifices that went into attempting to rebuild NYDC. The chairman’s allowance was K750 per board engagement. Compare this to K30, 000 per month board fee and over K7, 500 per sitting of other boards.

Personal vehicles were initially being used to do government work since NYDC has been under siege. The dissolution of boards has been going on for two decades so that the ministry can cover up the abuses and corrupt activities of 26 years. During this period, NYDC has had no boards for 20 years. Some boards have historically been dissolved before they even have a first sitting.

2. From the beginning of volunteering to serve on the board, I wrote to the ACC, Zambia Police, DEC and security wings to second officers to the first ever Audit Committee.

This team embarked on investigations for the crimes that public officers in the ministry committed for two decades through NYDC whose assets have been stripped. The ACC was therefore 100% part of each and every process at NYDC and they are fully aware of all embezzlements at the ministry.

NYDC does not receive funding for youth projects, it only receives administrative support funds, which are meager. The ministry manages all youth projects including the Youth Development Fund (YDF).

Surely, the integrity of the current regime has been weighed in the balances and has been found wanting.

In view of the foregoing, the people of Zambia must be wary and concerned that practices that are reminiscent of the one party dictatorship have resurfaced under Mr. Edgar Chagwa Lungu’s Administration.

The PF Government has plundered billions of dollars in a very short time and now they have resorted to a scheme of silencing the free press and political leaders who are perceived to be a threat to their ill timed and misguided politics of self-preservation

UPP is not deterred by the use of ACC, ZP, DEC and ZRA by the current regime to frustrate our efforts to provide checks and balances and speak for the voiceless. We are more fortified than ever before.

Freedom and democracy fighters went through this, but they prevailed. We shall prevail because we are fighting the LORD’s battle.

The UNIP regime detained Dr. FTJ Chiluba on trumped up charges, but it never worked. Likewise, Mr. Michael C. Sata was detained many times on numerous manufactured charges including the alleged theft of motor vehicle when he served as Minister – they brought up the charge when he was in opposition.

Both Dr. Chiluba and Mr. Sata were destined to rule Zambia and as such detentions did not work and it will not work against me and others who stand on the truth and justice.

UPP has initiated the #BringBackOurMoney! anti-corruption crusade aimed at recovering over US$5 billion which has been looted and repatriated into offshore accounts and investments by the current and past regimes.

God bless our nation!

Saviour Chishimba

#UPP: #Dignity & #Justice for #All!

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