Lungu, Shawi and black mountain slaughter

Lungu, Shawi and black mountain slaughter

A Spade is a Spade

First of all we would like to pass our sincere condolences to the families of those who died in the Kitwe Black Mountain disaster. We would also wish those injured a quick recovery and the medical staff all the best.

However, we have a duty to comment on the state of leadership in this country vis a vis the expected disaster that happened in Kitwe on the day of June 20. 2018. Expected because it was foreseen and we carried a number of alerts here. We have stated several times that white collar criminals roam at Zambia’s State House everyday. Since Zambia’s Independence though we may not have been on this earth long enough to know everything, there has never been a thieving regime like this one under Edgar Chagwa Lungu. State House has been turned into a Den of Thieves. The death of the many in Kitwe was caused by Edgar Lungu and his tandem of advisors at State House. The giving of ten percent of the Black Mountain to those Kitwe thugs people call Jerabos was done out of populist ideas and shrouded in corruption. Here is why we say this. According to records and PF government itself, 10 percent of the slug dump was owned by ZCCM Investments Holdings. This is what Lungu and his tandem of thieves gave to Jerabos. Yes Edgar Lungu is the board chairperson for Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) which is the holding company for ZCCM IH but he is not the board chair for ZCCM IH. Both IDC and ZCCM IH where created by two different Acts of Parliament and they desrcibe who should preside over them. ZCCM IH had no board chairperson until recently when Lungu appointed his brother in crime Lusaka Lawyer Erick Silwamba to head it. Which board then sat to transfer the shares to a shell company called Chapamo Minerals Processing Company? No board sat. Where are the board resolution? None. Who owns Chapamo? Chapamo is a company fronted by those Jerabos but the actuall beneficiaries are State House through Shawi Fawaz. The acting chairperson of Chapamo is Nicodemus Kalobo. The young brother to the late Jerabo Youngson Kalobo. Other big guys behind Chapamo are some dirty chap called Chile one and Shi Mumbi. Shi Mumbi is the brother in law to Kampamba Mulenga the Minister of Livestock and Fisheries in the Edgar Lungu Cabinet. Shi Mumbi is married to Rashida the yound sister to Kampamba and also current PF mayor of Kalulushi.

These and with Lumpens like Stephen Kampyongo convinced Edgar Lungu that the PF was losing popularity on the Copperbelt if the black mountain was not given back. For fear of losing power in 2021 and consequently going to jail, Edgar bulldozed all the way and handed over the 10 percent ZCCM IH owned without following procedure. If Edgar was genuine, he could have handed those thugs to the Citizen Economic Empowerment Commission. Those thugs have properties that they could have used as collateral to get proper machinery that they could use.

A normal and corrupt free leader could have thought in those lines. To make matters worse, PF cadres in Zambia are more powerful that independent institutions like the Mines Safety Department. The MSD is actually located less than 3 km from the Black mountain. For those who know Kitwe, MSD is just left on the first traffic circle if you are leaving Kitwe Central Business District for Chingola. Others know it through that eating place called After Ten.

The MSD could not do anything why? Those Jerabos report straight to State House. The disaster in Kitwe was known. It was only the question of when. This is also likely to happen at Maamba Collum Mine. God forbid but it may happen. The Collum mine was closed soon after the accident that claimed a number of Lives. MSD closed it. Soon after Edgar Lungu came to power, the Chinese owners approached Lungu and offered him shares. Lungu agreed and disregarded MSD recommendations and reopened the mine. Lungu is represented in the company by Suzgo Nyika his former hinchman from Chawama. Suzgo Nyika who can not speak any word in English is the Board Chairperson for Collum mine. Another disaster is awaiting.

Anyway, we wanted to link you to the story on the City market fire but we will reserve it for another day. What happened in Kitwe yesterday is what happens when you have Gangstars roaming the corridors of State House. Can a normal President mingle with Shawi Fawaz, as can be seen in this photo?


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