Lungu should apologise to youths


Dear Commander in Chief, RE: FAKE 2015 DEFENSE RECRUITMENT EXCERCISE With reference to the above subject matter, I am hereby encouraging you to apologise to the many jobless youths who responded to your fake Defence recruitment exercise. You new that government had no money so why did you advertise the recruitment exercise? Was it one way of using Zampost to raise funds for the national treasury from jobless youths? As youths, we spent a lot of money to apply for jobs in Defence since you refused hand delivered applications and only allowed express post. Zampost was charging k21 for express post so considering the fact that more than 400,000 youths applied, Zampost raised k8,400,000 (21 X 400000). Despite getting all that money from Jobless youths, you decided to keep quiet and youths are just waiting… As you go around asking for votes from youths since its campaign period, don’t forget to apologise for stealling the only money they had in the pockets. You stole from youths and that’s the money you are using to pay cadres to fill up the stadium during your campaigns. I am a PF supporter but I will definately not vote for you if you don’t make an applogy for stealling the last money I had in my pockets since I am jobless. I would rather go to hell than voting for a leader who would steal from the people he failed to employ. Yours Sincerely .,]\§*_;\ Given Banda

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