‘Lungu should give us roadmap not usual speed bumps’


By Nason Msoni

Individuals serving in government and in the forefront frustrating the final release of the draft constitution and the ultimate enactment of a new constitution should be identified and punished when they leave their respective positions in government as a future deterrent to other would be saddest who would similarly want to work against the common good of society.

The issue of the enactment of a new constitution must now be allowed to run its full logical course and yield the intended and desired results. Anyone at whatever level of government is hereby warned in advance that any attempt to frustrate the release of the draft constitution will surely face the full consequences of their action whenever government changes hands in the near future.

Individuals anticipating to receive benefits upon retiring or abruptly leaving office due to unforeseen circumstances must be denied such accrued benefits or frustrated in-line with their uncouth behavior whilst serving in government. it serves no-one’s interest that known individuals wasting public funds by frustrating the people driven constitution making process should be allowed to receive their full gratuity at the end of their shoddy service and get away with their behavior whilst serving in government. Surly at some point we need to bring back some semblance of sanity to governance styles by rejecting to pay benefits to those who work against the collective wish and interests of society.

We therefore welcome the initiative and announcement that the Grand coalition and government will be meeting on Thursday at 14.00hrs to consider and explore the available mechanisms of putting the process back on track following the exit of former Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba. Our expectations are that government will not come with the usual fixed and preconceived position of saying there is already a functional constitution in place and the no-money available scapegoat scheme of running away from the process. As employees to citizens of this country our expectations are that leaders should be ready to heed and listen to what the employers are saying concerning the processes leading to the release of the final draft constitution and the ultimate enactment of the new constitution.

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