Lungu should just go – Chifire

Lungu should just go – Chifire


By Gregory Chifire

Mwila is fast losing it

Today I wish to address His Excellence, the President of the Republic of Zambia.

Sir, we love, you are dear to us, where ever you go, you carry the image of Zambia. However, am concerned as a citizen by calls from your Secretary General insisting that you are the official presidential candidate for the PF for the 2021 elections. Yes the matter is in court, I won’t comment on whether you qualify or not, I shall leave that to the court.

As for me, I want to dwell on the truth. Sir, things out here are not in your favour. You cannot win an election again, whether by hook or crook. Your time to leave that office is fast approaching, you can’t make it beyond 2021 going by what is obtaining on the ground.

Being in State House sir, you are divorced from reality. You are living in a different Zambia from the rest of us, you don’t feel the pinch of increased fuel price, increased electricity tariffs and the general increase in commodity prices.

The truth of the matter is that the people that are surrounding you are not telling you the truth, they want only want to save their jobs, they are only using you to advance their ends.

The people that are surrounding you have contributed to your unpopularity. It bothers many people that despite your officers’ misconduct, you have failed to discipline them. Many are times that people have concluded that your lack of discipling them is a public show of your support of their conduct and behaviour.

Mr President, the corruption allegations against your govt has given you a knockout out punch. The way you have come out on the various allegations of corruption leaves much to be desired.

Cast your mind back, a few years ago, you were loved so much by the people of Zambia, but can you say this is the same now? Certainly not.Your popularity is fading fast .

Save yourself embarrassment by starting to groom your successor to take over from you, come 2021. A good dancer knows when to leave the stage

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