Lungu should oversee healthcare for all

Lungu should oversee healthcare for all

By Laura Miti

Glad Chama is going to get the critical medical treatment she needs.


1. The President’s duty is not to pay for individual citizens, who cannot routinely access the treatment they need, because he can never know about all of them.

2. He should also not be able to afford to do so, from his private pocket.

3. It is the President’s duty to oversee a healthcare system in which all citizens, across Zambia, the runaway majority whose stories will never come to public attention, can access the medical care they need – routine, emergency and chronic.

4. There is a critical shortage of cancer medicine and equipment in Zambia that is nothing, if not tragic. Goodness, there is a shortage of basic medicines leading to heartbreakingly unnecessary deaths.

5.The shocking lack of rudimentary medical requirements Zambia faces happens for no reason other than the endemic corruption and mismanagement of public resources by government officials.

My question to the President is – does he know that our health care system is so broken that it has become unwritten policy that women, no matter how poor, can only deliver in a government facility if they bring along a long list of items, called the birth kit – all of them that should be routinely available in every labour ward? Does he know that hundreds of mothers risk unsafe births at home because.of this unacceptable practice? They die in childbirth because government asks them to buy their own gloves and disinfectant😢.

If he knows about this practice, does the President understand that Zambian mothers are asked to buy their own disinfectant because of crimes like Honey Bee, theft of COVID billions, expired drugs?

Critically, does the President understand that ending the Olympic levels of corruption in his government would do much to reduce citizens begging for help, when unwell and that this is his duty? That overseeing functional systems is what he must do, not again, acting like a rich uncle visiting a poverty sticken home?

I wish you a full recovery Chama.

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