Lungu should stop following HH around

Lungu should stop following HH around


By Don Mwenda

Before I go on with my article allow me to remind most Zambian’s especially PF cadres that the President of the republic of Zambia is a president for Zambian’s regardless of political party affiliation, religion, tribe or race and not for those who agree with PF principal’s. This clearly makes him a national asset subjected to criticism by some of us who love our great nation with a passion.

Back to the matter at hand, I personally feel that the people handling the president are not doing something right somewhere. We don’t expect the president’s moves to be predetermined by everyone.

Why do I say so? Just this past Saturday 29th/06/19 the United Party For National Development (UPND) President was in Kabwe on a special visit via an invitation by the Catholic Church to go and witness the ordination of some Catholic priests and barely a few days after that we receive information that His Excellence Dr Edgar .C. Lungu will be in Kabwe also on a special visit via an invitation to launch the first ever privately owned 5 star Hotel in Kabwe.

People joked about it saying since HH was in Kabwe the president might find something to launch also and the joke just came to pass.

My concerns are as follows;

1-Does it require the entire presidency to go and launch a privately owned hotel? The provincial minister couldn’t handle such an event?

2-Does the presidency know about serious pressing issues in Kabwe for him to go for such a small function?

3-Who is paying allowances for the presidential Entourage for go to a function for only a few hours?

4-In whose interest is the president serving by go to Kabwe specifically for this small function?

5-Does the presidency know that Kabwe doesn’t have any functional industry?

6-Does the presidency know that Kabwe’s economy is dependent on civil servants salaries?

7-Does the president know that levels of unemployment in Kabwe are on the rise?

8-Does the president know that Labour laws in Kabwe are not being followed?

9-Does the president even know that roads in Kabwe are death traps?

10-Does the president know that his leaders are not United to Forster development?

11-Does the president even know that the nurses who were recently deployed have worked for 2 months without pay?

Last on the list, Does the president know that Robert Shitima school for the vulnerable has been turned into a fee paying school despite donors willing to sponsor?

Napita mukwai, napali mailo ati I talk too much ???? remember that every move the president makes a good number of people get allowance via Tax payers money.

Cry my beloved country.

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