Lungu sidelines Wina, leaves Simbyakula as acting president

Lungu sidelines Wina, leaves Simbyakula as acting president

lunguAs the mystery for president Edgar Lungu’s whereabouts and actual health condition continues, information has emerged that he left the instruments of power with Ngosa Simbyakula not the vice-president Inonge Wina.

The Watchdog revealed over the weekend that there are reports indicating that President Edgar Lungu could have secretly flown to Israel or France for medication.

But latest intelligence reports indicate that the president is still at some medical facility in South Africa, though the issue of evacuating him to either France or Israel remains open, depending on his condition.

It has now been seven days exactly from the time he is said to have started his medical ‘review’ at a secret location in South Africa. State House, which has committed to be giving regular updates on Lungu’s medication has gone mute for a whole week.

Other sources claim that President Lungu was operated on last Thursday but due to high blood pressure and other opportunistic diseases, he may take time to heal from the surgical wounds. The source said that is why his scheduled programmes in Zambia were postponed to some unknown date in the future. Lungu was supposed return to Zambia last week; go to campaign in Petauke and officially launch the digital migration over the past weekend. But all these programs were cancelled.

The message he was supposed to deliver in Petauke was instead delivered by deputy minister in the Office of the Vice-President, Stephen Kampyongo. Kampyongo said the people of Petauke would get development direct from State House if they voted for Siliya. That is what Lungu told him.

Other sources have told the Watchdog that Lungu would return to Zambia but weaker. ‘When he returns, they will engage in ‘make believe’ with the public by subjecting him to campaign and other tours to cheat the public that he had been given a clean health bill,’ said a source. The source added that ‘that is the same way they killed Sata if you remember’.

And this time Lungu has sidelined vice-president Inonge Wina and left his trusted minister Ngosa Simbyakula as acting president. Inonge Wina is in the country and during this week’s scheduled cabinet meeting, she will have to stand up when the acting president enters the room. Unless she finds a reason not to attend the meeting or the meeting itself won’t take place

Except for once when Wina was also out of the country, Lungu always leaves Wina as acting president even when he is just going out for a day.

‘But this time Lungu knew he was going out for a long time and that anything is possible so he left power with the person he prefers to take over if the worst comes to the worst,’ a State House source said.

Another source said Lungu has lost trust in Wina after getting a security briefing that she is campaigning for agriculture minister Given Lubinda to take over as president in 2016.

The last time the country was told about Lungu was last Monday when he went into theatre.

According to his spokesperson Amos Chanda, Lungu has started his medical ‘review’ in South Africa after attending the 25th Africa Union (AU) summit.

Chanda could not disclose the hospital where Lungu is being treated from claiming that the arrangement is under the ‘courtesy’ of the South African government and it does not want to draw public attention. But how can the hospitalisation of a president not attract public attention? And why is the South Africa government in charge of treating a Zambian president? What are the security implications? What if they inject him with poison instead of proper medicine?

A few weeks after being elected president, Lungu collapsed in public and the country was told he had swallowing problems.

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