Lungu signs law to allow jailed criminals to go home have sex

Lungu signs  law to allow jailed criminals to go home have sex

At the risk of National security, President Lungu signs law to woo prison vote

– Stakeholders concerned with potential crime rise

IN an effort to win prisoners votes and stay in power, President Edgar Lungu has signed into law a provision that will allow people sentenced to life imprisonment to be released early.

The provision will also allow inmates that are married to be given two weeks leave to go back home to have sex with their partners.

Though this law is targeting former Chilanga Member of Parliament Keith Mukata and Murderer Mathew Mohan, critics says Zambia currently has no capacity to implement that as crime will rise.

Prisons Commissioner General, Chisela Chileshe a known PF sympathiser, has made the announcement today.

The Corrections Service Act through the Commissioner General with advise from the Minister of Home Affairs could now allow any inmate to break off for two weeks to visit the family.

Zambia Correctional Service Commissioner General Chisela Chileshe said the provision was in the previous Act but President Lungu enhanced it through the Constitutional Provision.

Dr. Chileshe said such provisions could only exist where there was a conducive environment.

Meanwhile, Dr. Chileshe assured life sentence convicts that there was hope because President Lungu signed another Act which had a provision for them to be released on a special licence away from a pardon.

He said the Zambia Correctional Service would recommend to President Lungu for a break when a life sentence inmate showed remorse, good behavior and was not a danger to society.

The Commissioner General stated that inmates would never return to correctional facilities if they behaved well.

Dr. Chileshe however, warned that unrepentant ones would go back to continue serving life sentences if they misbehaved.

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