Lungu sneaks into Malawi to consult witch doctors

Lungu sneaks into Malawi to consult witch doctors

Forged president Edgar Lungu last night sneaked into Malawi to meet a group of traditional doctors (Ng’angas) organised by Edgar Ngoma and Kaizer Zulu.

Ngoma, the proprietor of the defunct Angoni Clearing and Forwarding and a self confessed etheist , organised traditional doctors in Malawi to help Lungu retain the presidency.

Following the petition in the Constitutional Court by the UPND, Ngoma rushed into Malawi to organise the traditional doctors to travel to state house where they had previously performed rituals to help Lungu maintain power.

A Watchdog informer disclosed that traditional doctors requested Lungu to follow them to their shrine were he was expected to be “boiled” (Kumupika) for hours before returning to Mfuwe before dawn.

Honestly, who goes on holiday when he is facing the greatest challenge to his leadership?

The source said Lungu’s meeting with Museveni has been hurriedly organised for Mfuwe to cover up for the Malawi trip.

Lungu has been posing as a Christian but many have asked which denomination he belongs to and who his pastor is but there has been no answer.
Several previously respected men of “Gold” have surrounded Lungu for money.

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