Lungu snubs commonwealth

Lungu snubs commonwealth


Edgar Lungu says he will only dialogue with Hakainde Hichilema if the process is organised by the Zambia Centre for Inter-party Dialogue (ZCID) and not foreigners such as the Commonwealth.

Many people believe that ZCID is now a wing of the PF because the  current ZCID leaders are PF supporters. It’s also believed that 90 % of ZCID funding is from the PF.

The UPND has already said that they can’t take part in any process led by ZCID ad they are not neutral but there to advance the PF agenda.

Edgar Lungu however says the Commonwealth must just be observers.


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    Musonda 2 weeks ago

    Another foolish man…this Lungu is sick in the head…where was the so called “ZCID” when you arrested HH on tramped up charges…and why now?It took the commonwealth delegation to intervene for HH to be released…(commonwealth)they are the ones who initiated this dialogue not your ZCID…We dont ve any institution functioning independently at the moment cause you have messed up everything Lungu…You put your small boys there to work for you not for the good of the country…ZCID belongs to you…Really this guy is taking us for fools…He is insulting us as Zambians day in day out…

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    what gud outcome can be achieved these stupid idiot ZCID?

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    Katongo 2 weeks ago

    PF tricks to divert people’s attention from the Impeachment motion. They will use all tricks in the book to avoid the impeachment motion.

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    Shimwana 2 weeks ago

    Just the fact that we are talking about dialogue is an indictment on the president. Dont even talk of who should be in charge.
    Responsible leadership demands that he is the one in the forefront not him skating around.What appears clear is that the man does not appreciate the onerous responsibilities that come with being president.
    Meanwhile he is busy with 2021 campaign.