Lungu’ speech will negatigely affect Zambia


HE Edger Lungu was either ill advised or personally made one of the worst decisions to wash dirty linnen on an international platform. The consequences of accusing the country’s brightest minds of beeing violent and drunk literally scares away prospective foreign students and shatters any exchange programs that other Universities were probably trying to bring to the table like the Isreali exchange program. When the Head of state categorically refers to his own Future hopefuls as Drunks and a threat to the Public, it actually sends a bad picture to even organisations such as Webtronics that are now likely to downgrade our Universities even further down, rendering our concerted efforts to rebuild our image Null and Void.
The Speach will see to it that organisations that advise International students searching for were to study culture and other programs in Africa to put a red alert on Zambian Universities. Thus making our neighbouring countries more liable to receive such students.
Researchers will now think twice about working with Zambian Universities because of the violence status attached to them by the Head Of State.
Furthermore it will be difficult for Graduates from our universities to further their studies abroad because of the new identity of violence they now carry on their CVs, thanks to Lungu.
And there many other negative consequences to arise from this ill-timed speech that outweigh the politicking and laughter shared as he blurted out the fatal words.
To all prospective, incumbent and former students of our Highest Learning Institutions, be informed that your Head of State has attached a Violence and Drunk Status to your CV and Character and you should try really hard to convince your prospective employers about this new found identity. Both locally and Abroad.
I thank you for taking time to read this piece.

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