Lungu splits ministries to give jobs to cadres

To accommodate job seekers, president Edgar Lungu has now started splitting ministries.
Lungu has found himself with few jobs to give people who funded him and helped him to campaign while keeping Michael Sata’s ministers who allowed him to be their president.
Meanwhile, former president Kenneth Kaunda has asked Lungu to appoint his son Panji as full cabinet minister.
So far Lungu has announced that he will split the Ministry of Communications and Transport, Works and Supply into two to improve operational efficiency.
The real reason is that he wants to create more ministries to give jobs to his supporters. By splitting this ministry into two, he would have created one position of minister, two positions of deputy minister and possibly two positions of permanent Secretaries.
Lungu is likely to split more ministries to create jobs for cadres.
The people who combined the Ministry of Communications and Transport, Works and Supply did that to avoid duplication of work and to save the country’s meagre resources.
Even Michael Sata, despite his numerous flaws tried to reduce the size of cabinet, as he knew that governments spent more money paying ministers and directors. Sata actually merged some ministries, though he split some immediately
But Lungu has no choice as he has to please so many people and maintain those left for him by Sata.

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