Lungu stops police from arresting Chinese who shot 6 Zambians

None of the Chinese gunmen who shot six Zambians on the Copperbelt has been arrested and none will be arrested.

Senior police officers have told the Watchdog that Edgar Lungu has told the police to keep their hands off the Chinese investors and instead blame the victims for trespassing and stealing emeralds.

Three days ago, Chinese nationals who own Ebeneza Gem Mine in Lufwanyama shot six Zambians who they accused of trying to steal emeralds.

MMD die hard thug Bowman Lusambo who is now the PF minister for Copperbelt had promised to investigate the matter (since police can’t) but has also gone mute after hearing that his master Lungu is protecting the Chinese gunmen.

The truth is that the victims are not even thieves and were not trying to steal from anyone but were only scavenging for emeralds near the mines to make ends meet.

But now they have been dubbed illegal miners who deserve to be shot.

It is amazing that all the gunmen were Chinese. Does it mean that this mine has no guards or the guards are also from China?

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