Lungu struggles to fight off dictator tag

Lungu struggles to fight off dictator tag

Edgar Chagwa Lungu says he is not a dictator because he consulted the public on the ill fated agenda to withdraw from the International Criminal  Court.

And Lungu, whose presidency isn’t recognised by half the country says some politicians, civil leaders are in the habit of insulting him so as to ride on his name and title so as to gain some media coverage.

Speaking to journalists before his departure to Ethiopia for yet another unproductive but expensive trip,  Pretended to  wonder how a dictator would openly take criticism, or consult with the nation such as was the case in the decision on whether Zambia should pull out or stay in the ICC.

“I will not be distracted from doing my job because you are calling me a dictator, when I am not one, they are enjoying the coverage you are giving them when they say Edgar this. I am President so when you insult the President you get coverage and freedom of the press allows that,” President Lungu mocked.

“…So for me those who are thinking they will get mileage or prominence by insulting me, humiliating me, they are just setting a bad precedence for the freedom of speech and opinion. However, I will not take them on because I will be elevating them to my level, I am too dignified for that,” he said.

Lungu repeated his arrogance of claiming that he was a very busy man.

“..they should find more substantiative matters when dealing with me because I am a very busy man.

Lungu said he will meet Catholic Bishops secretly.

“I met Catholic representatives yesterday and I will meet the Catholic bishops and I will hear their voice, the Archbishop spoke publicly but I will speak to him quietly and you know that is not what a dictator does.”

He claimed he consults so he is not a dictator.

“A dictator does not consult, a dictator does not take criticism. I have taken so much, I have been punched so much but I have not hit back. Obviously I can hit back and all fairness I am a human being. But I believe people should be given enough latitude to contribute, to criticise to do checks and balances and that is what democracy calls for,” said  Lungu.

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