Lungu’ stupid salary increase

By Nalukui Nawa, PhD
It is actually being stupid to allow yourself to be a paid up cadre defending Edgar Lungu’s salary. Yes it is being and stupid and inconsiderately foolish. An employee must be appraised by his employers who must sanction a salary increment that is befitting the performance he/she has put in. The Zambian people are Edgar’s employers and are saying he has failed and does not deserve a salary increment. By going ahead and awarding himself an increment, Edgar is being greed and behaving like a spoilt kid who doesn’t care. Edgar’s behaviour is shocking and embarrassing to say the least. He is behaving like a male ape that covers its lover’s glory region with its hand for fear of competition. Instead of fixing the economy to benefit the majority poor, Edgar has opted to look at his interest first, typical of a greed fool. It is no secret that the country is in trouble; hunger is killing people across our country. Note that there were deaths recorded as a result of hunger in Eastern province just a few days ago.
Besides, many civil servants have gone for 3 years without a salary increment and even those that have received increments, the increment is so negligible. Private companies also have frozen salaries for their workers copying from a failed PF government. Things are bad for everyone and going by this Edgar must have increased salaries for all the civil servants first. He must be the last one, since he is the least affected considering that he is basking in tax payers money supplying him with free everything. It is also not a secret that Edgar has failed this country; he is a failed experimental project!

In any case, with this increment what is visionless Edgar even rewarding himself for? Is he increasing his salary for;
✓ The successful collapse he has caused to our economy?
✓ The successful job losses he has caused to the mines and other industries that have retrenched the workers?
✓ Successfully causing unprecedented level of job losses and destitution typical to the levels only seen during the time of 1945 economic depression?
✓ Causing the mealie meal shortages that he has successfully achieved through his maize exports to Malawi and Zimbabwe?
✓ Succeeding in increasing the cost of living through the sustained collapse of our kwacha? causing the successful fuel shortages that has negatively affected production?
✓ Causing the successful collapse of our energy sector that has ultimately given birth to perennial loadshedding?
✓ Achieving the successful infringement on the people’s media freedoms and freedom of assembly?
✓ Successfully embracing corruption that has crowded our road construction tenders?
✓ The successful mishandling of the Farmer Input Support Programme (FISP) that is destined to bleed a pathetic yield in many years?
✓ Successfully crowning a PF militia that is haunting the innocent people on the streets and in markets? Successfully turning the Zambia Police into a cadre brigade for the purposes of abusing the POA to alienate all dissenting views?
✓ Successfully acquitting former President Rupiah Banda in his corruption charges in exchange for political support?
✓ Successfully having managed to work against the people’s wish in dubiously restoring Rupiah Banda’s immunity?
✓ Successfully having watered down the impartiality of our national assembly with the existence of a biased speaker of national assembly?
✓ Successfully inciting tribal hatred through his PF mercenaries Davis Chama, Mumbi Phiri, Chishimba Kambwili and Alexander Chikwanda?
✓ Successfully draining the academic excellence of UNZA and CBU through unnecessary closure?
✓ Successful politicization of youth empowerment funds that only benefited Chishimba Kambwili and his PF thugs?
✓ Successful abuse of our judiciary/courts to secure political power and oppress competitors?
✓ Successful abuse of public media for gaining of political mileage and victimization of political opponents?
✓ Successfully abusing public resources on politically motivated luxuries like the national day of prayer/signing of the amended constitution both held at Heroes stadium?
In countries like the United Kingdom, Japan, Canada New Zealand, Australia and Sweden among others where morality forms the cornerstone of leadership, Edgar must have resigned from his post because it is clear that Edgar is rewarding himself for failing our country. If it is for the above reasons and many other failures recorded by the PF government especially under the reign of the visionless leadership of Edgar, then definitely he deserves his salary increment.

Nawa, Nalukui, PhD
Associate Professor,
Lecturer, Researcher and Consultant
Victoria University of Wellington
School of Government
New Zealand

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