Lungu succumbs, files nominations to Scott

Lungu succumbs, files nominations to Scott


Lungs with his wife

Lungs with his wife

Chawama MP Edgar Lungu has relinquished his position as PF secretary general and has filed in his nomination as party presidential candidate.

And the Watchdog has been informed that Finance minister Alexander Chikwanda is the one who paid the K20, 000 nomination fee for Lungu.

Earlier, Willie Nsanda and others funding Lungu filled NASDEG stadium with hired supporters from compounds around Lusaka, Chongwe, Kafue and other Lusaka outskirts.

The hired supporters from Chongwe and Kafue arrived at NASDEQ as early as 05 hours loaded in trucks, open vans and minibuses.

When Lungu filed in his nomination, acting president Guy Scott told him almost mockingly that ‘I wish you the best Honourable Lungu.’ He told Lungu that all PF members must follow the party constitution.

Lungu has been resisting going to the general conference in preference for the National Executive committee adopting him as sole candidate.

The succumbing by Lungu to the desire of Scott could actually spell doom for him.

The cartel led by Friend M’membe is controlling the list of delegates who will vote at the convention. The delegates number about 6000 and are drawn from all the ten provinces. They include district and provincial party officials. These officials were put in place by Wynter Kabimba and Lungu does not know most of them and now that he has surrendered executive powers as PF chief executive, he is even in a weaker position.

Miles Sampa, one of the candidates favoured by the Cartel has already said that ‘some people are working in offices while we are on the ground.’

Lungu is also said to be getting money from Chinese contractors and may have problems if he is not elected president.

Among the companies, Lungu has collected cash from through Willie Nsanda is China Jansu international, wwhich Jansu runs a quarry aand supplies AVIC mining, China Jianxhi, China Jiang aand Avic International itself, all of which were given numerous contracts by the Road Development Agency (RDA). Willie Nsanda is the chairperson of RDA. These Chinese firms have together printed six million Tshirts for Lungu’s campaigns. Last week, it is said that Nsanda collected K150 000 from China Jansu, leaving the company unable to pay workers and shareholders. All these have been promised to reap from government when lungu forms government. Willie Nsanda is working with ZICTA chairperson Emmanuel Musonda Mpakata to mobilise money from Chinese companies.

And Lungu has trashed accusations that he is an alcoholic.


“This story started way back when I expressed interest to contest the Chawama seat, some of my opponents started running stories that i drink too much. I don’t have a drinking people. How can someone with a drinking problem manage to handle all these huge responsibilities? This is a work of my enemies,” Mr. Lungu said.

He continued, “Some of the people peddling these lies today were my client. I represented some newspaper which is today writing stories that I drink too much and it won a landmark case. Mr. Sata taught me to ignore some of these rumours as a holder of public office.”

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