Lungu supports his thieving aides, starts defending his immunity

President Edgar  Lungu says is not afraid of being stripped of his presidential immunity when he leaves office claiming he  is innocent.
President Lungu said in Lusaka yesterday that some people who want him to fail are stealing documents at State House to frame his aides.
“They are inspired to steal documents by those wanting to find fault in my staff.
“When Kaizer [Zulu – his political aide] was cleared, no one talked about it when earlier they rushed to the media o say he is being investigated. This is sad,” Lungu said. So Lungu is admitting that there are documents at State House that show that his aides are stealing?
Speaking to journalists shortly before departure for Zimbabwe, Lungu also said he is not afraid to have his immunity lifted because he knows he is innocent.
“I don’t mind my immunity being removed. I am game. I have nothing to hide. Why should I fear when I am innocent?” President Lungu said.
He said it is the culture of some individuals to remove the immunity of former presidents.

Lungu is one of the cabinet ministers who approved the decision to strip Rupiah Banda of his immunity and he is one of the MPs who voted for the lifting of the immunity of his now partner. So which people is he referring to?

No one expects him to admit that he is scared. The fact that he has responded shows that he is afraid. And scared he must be because history shows us that all former presidents that abused their office were arrested. Lungu will be arrested among other things for shielding corruption. We shall be proved right once again . For now, let him boast and show off but time is ticking.
President Lungu was reacting to sentiments by the United Party for National Development (UPND) that the opposition party will ensure his immunity is removed once he leaves office so that he can be investigated.
President Lungu said everyone is innocent until proven guilty by the courts of law.
“There are people who want to humiliate me in future. But we are all innocent until proven otherwise by the courts. You can’t judge anyone outside courts of law,” he said.

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