Lungu talks about his sangomas, says GBM is a fool

Now that the sangomas have finished their work, President Edgar Lungu has finally responded to revelations that his working visit to the Copperbelt was meant to facilitate the arrival of Sangomas from Malawi into State House to help him win the 2016 general elections.
Addressing a Rally at Kitwe’s Freedom Park late Saturday, President Lungu claimed that he is a Christian who does not practice witchcraft.

He said the PF will win the next election through work without the help of Sangomas.

‘As old as I am, how can I bring Sangomas to State House? Jesus is my Sangoma. I go to Church, whilst my enemies are talking Jesus is lifting me up,’ President Lungu said.

No one expected him to admit of course.
And just after saying he was a Christian, Lungu who initially said he was going to sort out economic mess on the Copperbelt spent some good presidential time to insult UPND vice president Geoffrey Mwamba.

‘GBM elantendeka ine, ichi muntu caya mu UPND, chasanga ama founder members, bachibika Vice President, apilibuka ayamba ukwiba ba PF ati Lungu nashitisha PF, nomba ine kumwipusha ati iwe ulishipuba (GBM is provoking me, this person goes to UPND, he finds founder members, he is made Vice President and he turns again accusing me of selling the PF, I tell him that he is a fool.’
‘GBM has been found that he is a big body, small mutima, me I have been found that I am a small body, big mutima, that is the difference. There is no logic in his appointment as Vice President in the UPND because there founder members there who have been sidelined.’
President Lungu also accused the mine workers unions of working against his 2016 re-election bid by decampaigning the PF following the job losses in the sector.

Lungu also claimed that mines are working against his government.

He said he has information that some mine union officials are failing to negotiate favourable separation packages for their retrenched members because they want the PF removed from government in 2016.

President Lungu said it is the responsibility of the unions to protect the interest of the workers.

‘You should go and sit down with the investors, if you hear job losses, you Mr Nkole (Chishimba), go and sit down with the investor, you tell them, iwe we musungu, iwe mwenye, iwe umu Chinese, don’t fire our people at will unless they show real cause to let go of the workers,’ President Lungu said.

He added, ‘All I am getting is that these unions are just saying, Lungu tukamufumyapo mu 2016 (we will remove Lungu in 2016), uko kutumpa, (that is foolishness)’.

President Lungu said his Government will not tolerate the unfair dismissal of workers by the mine investors.

‘Yesterday I had a chance to meet the CEO of KCM and he assured me that jobs will be safeguarded and they said they will come back and talk to MUZ and find a way out if the economic challenges persists. Mining companies know that without the workers and Government, there would be no mining, we are partners in mining industry.’

At the same rally, President Lungu launched a veiled attack on Matero Member of Parliament Miles Sampa who resigned as Commerce Deputy Minister last Friday.

President Lungu said promotions in his Government are earned through hard work.

‘Ningumfwa kuli mamukulu bano nabema ati iyo taletu polomota, ‘I have heard some characters saying he is not promoting us, Mr Kambwili, tenombalinefye nabikilepo umwaice Kampyongo? (Mr Kambwili isn’t it just recently that I promoted the young Kampyongo)?
He added, ‘Me I promote if you are working well. I don’t even look at tribe because for me, my tribe is Zambia. I will promote you if you are working hard, moreover promotion is never forced. Promotion has to be earned, if you work hard, you will find yourself in cabinet.’

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