Lungu tells Church mother bodies not to waste his time


Edgar Lungu says there is no crisis in Zambia and the Church mother bodies should not waste his time because he is a busy man.
Speaking to journalists on arrival from Lesotho at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport on Friday evening, Lungu claimed that there was no crisis and no people are being arrested by anyone adding that the crisis was in the heads of people suggesting that the country was in a crisis.
‘What crisis, there is no crisis it only exists in their heads, have you seen any crisis you journalists? Lungu asked.
He accused the Church Mother bodies of trying to justify their ‘paymasters’ expenditure by insisting that Zambia was in a crisis.
On demands by the Church Mother bodies that he releases Hakainde Hichilema immediately, Lungu said all suspects are under the hands of the Judiciary.
He claimed that people are enjoying their democratic rights and freedom of expression in the country.
He said if the Church Mother bodies want him to discuss issues with whomever, they should first tabulate the issues to be discussed adding that he was very busy with other issues.
‘I have too many things to do, I am a busy person and I am not going to waste time because some civil society wants to justify their paymaster’s expenditure. Iam too busy if they have nothing to do let them find something to do,’ Lungu said

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