Lungu tells off USA, EU over HH


Edgar Lungu says diplomats did not leave their countries to come and interfere in Zambia’s internal affairs, and therefore they are wasting time persuading him to intervene in the treason charge against Hakainde Hichilema.
And Lungu says he will consider pardoning convict Chanda Chimba instead of HH whom he said should face the law and prove himself innocent.
The Unites States Government, the European Union and the local OASIS forum have called for restrain in resolving political difference following the arrest and detention of the opposition UPND leader, while other pressure groups are demanding for his unconditional release.
But Lungu told the diplomats, through a public address in Mbala today, that they should stay away from the country’s governance issues because Zambia was a sovereign state.
“Let me warn those who are accredited to Zambia as diplomats, those who run civil society organisations, who believe that I can interfere with the process, that they are wasting their time,” President Lungu said.
“I want the diplomats to hear me loud and clear that they will not interfere with our sovereign matters here in Zambia. They came to represent their countries not to interfere in our governance, please!”
He said the church should not push him to intervene in the matter, but should instead pray for prisoners.

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