Lungu the drunkard who thinks he has register to heaven

Lungu the drunkard who thinks he has register to heaven

Desperate times call for desperate measures they say” But frankly speaking i have never seem these acts of desperation exhibited by Team Chagwa Lungu as we draw closer to 11/08/16 judgements day. The following are some of the Desperate but dangerous satanic twists & turns to ensure survival: .

1. RELIGION: It so funny that a man who is known for his devotion to Liquors is being sold to the electorates as the anointed man of God. All the sudden Lungu turns to “God” in order to win elections. While i take no offence at that, but my problem is all the fact that our unchurched President is now in change of the register of heaven & has appointed himself God’s personal secretary to tell us which names are in the register or not. Lungu has so fast grown wings & Holier than thou attitude that he believes & preaches that he & he alone is God fearing & others are bloodthirsty devils. In short Lungu has declared himself a Messiah the Christian community must vote for to avoid the country falling in the hands of the ungodly.

Personally i find it difficult to even believe Lungu is a Christian considering the fact that never at anytime been the word “Liar” been personified than in Lungu. The man has no regard even for holy sanctuaries, remember how he lied from the most unusual places to lie from, the church pulpit. Telling the congregates that the Ritual killers were working for the opposition leaders who are using blood to win elections. According to the commander in Chief the arrested suspect’s confession & investigation leads to Opposition party leaders. The well orchestrated green lie was given a boost by his Nigerian diviner & false prophet who claimed that the ritual killings were politically motivated but alas the devil’s agent was wrong just like he was on the economical growth & kwacha appreciating, Brexit referendum etc. Even the members of the Pastors for Lungu & Christians for Lungu do not have the spirit of discernment in them to know that Lungu is a nominal Christian. The man has done everything in his power to make those who dare to see, to know he really is. Therefore, Its only only someone who doesn’t know Edgar Lungu or has no idea what Christianity is can believe Lungu is a Christian & anointed humble man of God. If the Pastors for Lungu still have the guts to argue for their client’s sainthood, we will not ask much from them but demand that their client prove the Authenticity of his Sainthood by bearing fruits that show repentance, of one which is ” Do not extort but be content with your wages. (Luke 3:7-14, Matt. 3:7-8) His starting point be restitution of the K23m. Zacchaeus can his great guide on this matter. ” Zacchaeus said if i have defrauded anyone of anything i will restore fourfold. (Luke 19:1-10) For your own information Lungu has set a trap for you that will technically paralysis the Declaration of Zambia as a Christian Nation telling you to simply Vote YES. In the same way he shrewdly made Mwaliteta & others to knock themselves out by endorsing the constitution Lungu is out to trap Christians to knock themselves out of the position of authority & advantage. By voting YES you will nullify the Christian Nation Declaration & equalize satanism with christianity. By voting NO you will be saying NO to paganism & idol worship in the country. & in obedience to the Lord’s command ” Thou shall not have other gods besides me (Exodus 20:3-5) Make a stand for Christ & Christianity by voting NO to Satanism & false religions that pay homage to Satan. Remember this is a non partisan stance but a Christian stance.


13607724_666721270133348_1371964211_n2. MUNUNGA: In a desperate move to win elections the President has turned to Mununga. I take no offence in him or any political leader going to Mununga or any part of the country for the purpose of soliciting for votes but by concern is the stuff the so called anointed of God bring out Mununga as a lucky charm. During the 2015 Presidential By-elections Edgar went to Mununga & come back with a White pigeon & a Sceptre. The President was told to carry the sceptre everywhere he goes. & this time around when the President visited he was given a White cloth. Anyone who knows anything about Mununga & the spiritual connotation that goes with such will tell you it is witchcraft at play & anyone who calls himself Christian cannot at the same time put his trust in the powers of Mununga.


3.NTERNATIONAL MAFIAS: Another act of desperation the President has turned to international Mafias & brutal dictators. Timor consultant the group was involved in rigging elections for Mugabe & his ZANU-pf in Zimbabwe & the Dubious Dubai based printing company that delivered fraudulent elections victory to M7 in Uganda have all find grace in Lungu’s eyes & they will both be very much involved in the electoral process. Apart from these Lungu is auctioning this country to Saudis who reported to be the main funders of his campaigns. Saudis are sponsors behind ISIS & other Islamic Sunni terrorists around the world. There many purpose of funding is to spread Islam. At the time when Lungu had asked the nation to close their eyes & pray his wife was dressed in Islamic attire & sneaked out of the country was busy soliciting for only God knows what. Later this year Lungu travelled to Saudi Arabia were he criticized Russians & Iranian govt for fighting ISIS a barbaric Islamic terror group responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people majority of whom are Christians. Again this is something the Pastors for Lungu choose to be mute & pretend nothing is happening coz the man is not their disciple for them to rebuke or correct but simply a client who puts stolen money in their pockets.

4.TRIBALISM: The tribal card is something Edgar & his comrades have religiously played. Branding Tongas as tribal, create an artificial tribal rivalry between Northerners & Southerners using some of their useful idiots like Chama, Frank Bwalya, Mumbwe Phiri & the likes. Others fools who proved useful in this fake tribal rivalry between Tongas & Bembas were some musicians who made sure every time they insulted the Tongas the clever devils preferred language to use was Bemba to make it look like a Bemba/Tonga cold war. (War of Words) Kelvin Bwalya Fube proved the shallow mindedness of PF on Muvi TV when discussing PF strategy for returning power. He claimed that Bembas cannot vote for a Tonga & Western is going PF coz Inonge is a running mate. Eastern wont vote HH coz Canisius Banda has been sidelined. In a nutshell the whole PF strategy is a blueprint to create tribal acrimony while hypocritically preaching One Zambia One Nation. Chishimba Kamwili, Dora Siliya, Chama, Frank Bwalya & Mumbwe Phiri do not shy away from reading from this script every time they open their mouth. Never more has the words Tribalists, been personified than under Chagwa. Imagine even the picking of old Agogo Inonge was not bcoz of her abilities but bcoz of tribalism. In my opinion, I don’t expect all Tongas to vote HH but i don’t expect any to vote for Edgar bcoz of the insults his right hand man Davies Chama unleashed on the entire Clan & i equally do not expect anyone who believes in One Zambia One Nation & regard Tongas as members of this family called Zambia to vote PF coz doing so will be act of endorsing Chama’s idiocy.

5. VIOLENCE: Political thuggery & violence is another dangerous & satanic measure Edgar has resorted to. Its no longer safe anymore to campaign or put on part regalia in Lusaka becoz of the rabid dogs someone has let loose on the opposition supporters. The situation is so serious that deaths have recorded & since the Chief commander of both the Cops & the PF death squads is one & the same Edgar Chagwa Lungu. The winner of the contest between Law enforcers & Law breakers will depend much on whose works the commander finds pleasure in, & not on competence. . There’s this general belief among those who are deceived by Lungu’s false humility, that those cadres are committing atrocious acts against Lungu’s will. I don’t have much respect for Lungu when it comes to competence but i think i will be insulting his intelligence to believe that he is so incompetent that he can’t even tame his own dogs. There’s only one explanation to those thugs terrorising Chagwa’s opponents & police failure to cage them. Both groups have one commander & paymaster.

* Considering all the dangerous & satanic schemes that the President has deployed out of desperation to stop people’s resolve to fire him. There’s only one act of justice that the nation can to herself & Chagwa is to open wide the EXIT DOOR & Sonta) show him the way out.

MMS, Kitwe.

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