Lungu thinks mealie meal comes from hammer mills that’s why he has neglected farmers

Sub Chief Musengo of Kasama District says his area faces starvation next year as Government has not delivered farming inputs to his area.

And FDD President Edith Nawakwi has charged that Republican President Edgar Lungu does not understand that mealie meal comes from growing maize as opposed to hammer mills which he wants to litter the country with.

Speaking when opposition FDD President Edith Nawakwi paid a courtesy call on him, the sub Chief said his community depends on farming but families face starvation because Government has not delivered farming inputs while the rains have already started.

“Investing in Agriculture has become a challenge especially when farming inputs are been delivered late and the cost of farming inputs are extremely high. My people here face hunger because the PF Government has not delivered any inputs and as can see the rains have started,” The traditional leader charged.

He also complained that Sub Chiefs had been sidelined by government as  the y are not given anything like chiefs adding that life had become extremely hard for traditional leaders.

He further bemoaned the lack of  infrastructure in his area saying the area had just one school and a small clinic which only operated until 16 hours.

Meanwhile FDD President Edith Nawakwi said she was not surprised that Government has failed to deliver farming inputs to the people up to now because the head of state and his ministers lacked the capacity to understand anything to do with Agriculture.

The opposition  President who is in Northern Province to help the party conduct ward conferences said it was clear that President Lungu thinks that mealie-meal comes from hammer mills as demonstrated by his importation of 2000 hammer mills from China.

She explained that if the President understood that mealie meal comes from growing maize he would have supported small scale farmers with inputs as opposed to giving them milling plants further wondering where they will get  the maize to grind in their “white elephants” of milling plants.

“Ba Lungu thinks mealie meal comes from hammer meals that’s why he has gone to China and brought hammer meals because if he understood that the process that ends up as mealie meal starts with a farmer planting maize. If  this Government understood anything about running the Agriculture sector that’s why they think mealie meal comes from ifgayo hence the importation of the useless mealing plants.”

She further charged the mealing plants are a ploy to buy votes in 2016 using mealie meal to bribe voters in villages and towns.

“We know that the PF want to use mealie meal to buy votes that is why they want keep our people hungry delibaletly but they should know that a hungry is an angry man hence the PF should realize that the people of Zambia can not be bought which his mentor Rupiah Banda can attest,” she said.

Later Ms. Nawakwi opened Kasenga ward conference were she called on members to vigorously recruit new members and ensure that the party grows beyond old members.

She said the PF Government should not be allowed to go beyond 2016 because they have destroyed the country and that allowing them to continue would be destroying the future of children.

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